Short description and mini guide of Dubrovnik beaches

Banje beach

A well located pebble beach. There's a concessioned part with an entrance fee, but also a public part which is always livelier and more relaxed. Great way to beat the heat in the middle of the town. Amazing view to city walls, Old Town Dubrovnik and the island of Lokrum. Beach volleyball, mini football or water polo. You can also enjoy lying on deck chair and having a drink.

Lapad Beach

A car free, sandy beach area on the Lapad Peninsula, approximately 3.5 km from the old town, where you can relax in the shade of the numerous trees. At the end of a long pedestrianised street full of cafe bars and restaurants you will see many popular pebble beaches known as Lapad beaches. These beaches are really beautiful and well used.

Lapad is definitely one of the most beautiful parts of Dubrovnik and you really must visit it. If you take the headland path to the right hand side of Lapad beach, as you look at the Adriatic, you can walk along a charming little coast path with small concrete 'beaches' and ladders into the sea.

These were put in during the Tito era and are ideal for one or two sunbathers. Walking further along is an excellent local fish restaurant - ideal for ending the day. The walk back is not particularly well lit, but perfectly safe.

Copacabana Beach

Copacabana is a beach located on Lapad peninsula, in a part of Dubrovnik called Babin Kuk. The beach has a direct view to a remarkable Dubrovnik bridge and beautiful Daksa island, part of the Elaphite Islands. Copacabana is an attractive pebble and concrete beach with many things to offer. This beach is all about content with everything for your enjoyment. There you can enjoy different water sport activities: waterpolo, water-skiing, surfing, banana ride, canoes, pedaling etc. Parachute ride is exceptionally popular as you can catch the whole panorama of this magnificent part of Dubrovnik.

For children there are sea slide chutes on the beach and the grown ups can rest in a beach bar or a beach restaurant. The beach also hosts windsurfing regattas and Dubrovnik's local waterpolo teams matches. Right on the beach there is a diving center, fruit and ice-cream stands, coffee bar and a beach restaurant. If you are not a fan of crowds, hustle and bustle, the Babin Kuk area have many other spots & secluded areas for a swim. In one of them, Cava beach, you can freely cast away all of your clothes.

Sv. Jakov Beach

One of the most attractive beaches in Dubrovnik, Sv. Jakov (St. James), found its place on a solitude spot in a high rising cove beneath the beautiful church and abbey of Sv. Jakov (St. James). It is a pebble and sandy beach with a tremendous view on Dubrovnik and the Lokrum island. From Jakov beach, Dubrovnik and Lokrum seem so close, like on a platter, a unique Dubrovnik experience.

When you grow tired of swimming and enjoying the blue Adriatic sea on Sv. Jakov beach you can join a volleyball game, right there on the beach court. Those who like kayaking can rent a beach canoe. Jet ski lovers can rent a jet ski and enjoy a ride at the sea. Others can leisure on the beach under the warm Mediterranean sun or take cover in the shade of a lovely beach bar.